Cataract surgery associated with lower risk of death

Women aged 65 and older who have cataract surgery have a lower risk for death. While there have been prior studies that have put forth the possibility of decreased risk for all-cause mortality with cataract surgery, there had not been studies regarding the association between cataract surgery and cause-specific mortality. Researchers at the University of […]

Healthy lifestyle lowers risk of AMD in women

Researchers affirmed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in a recent study. Women who maintained healthy eating habits had 46% lower odds for developing early macular degeneration.

Women who eat healthy require fewer cataract surgeries

A healthy diet which includes eating a variety of foods from different food groups rich in vitamins and minerals may prevent the formation of nuclear cataracts in women.*

Who gets more eye disease – Women or Men?

While men and women have many health differences, one difference that is probably not widely known is that women are more susceptible to eye disease and other eye conditions than men.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women linked to cataracts

Women who are using or who had used Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) have increased rates of cataract removal.