5 ways to keep your eyes safe and healthy this summer

The sun, wind and increased physical activity during summer puts your eyes at higher risk for problems. Here are 5 ways to keep your eyes healthy and safe. 1.) Avoid the “burn”.┬áMany people do not realize that our eyes can get “sunburned” and this condition is called photokeratitis. A very painful condition, it causes redness […]

Darker sunglasses can be worse for the eyes

Darker sunglasses can be worse for the eyes, ophthalmologists say. In interviews with MedPage Today, experts explained how heavily tinted sunglasses can actually allow more ultraviolet light to penetrate the eyes and cause damage. Normally, the pupils constrict in high-light conditions for protection, but sunglasses can inhibit this natural physiological response by dimming the incoming […]

Mother Alert – Sun damage not only to skin, but eyes, experts warn.

It is critical to be aware of the importance of protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays using hats and sunglasses.

Parents, do your children need sunglasses?

It’s summertime again, and much attention is given to the necessity of protecting children’s skin from the damage of harmful UV rays. Parents should be mindful of guarding their children’s eyes from the sun’s rays as well.