Trouble seeing in Dark Tunnels

One month ago, a 52 year-old woman came into my office with the sole complaint that she struggled to see at night. Her vision measured 20/20, and she had no cataracts or retinal disease that might explain her symptoms.   So I tested her “dark adaptation.” I’ve been doing this for years on patients, and […]

Help for Night Vision Difficulties

VisiVite, a world leader in the natural channel for eye vitamins, has struck a chord with its new eye vitamin formula, VisiVite NightSight. New night vision ocular nutritional formula proves popular with people ages 30-80. Night vision difficulties are universal, not only affecting older adults, but commonly in people as young as 30 years old. […]

Study reveals new pathway in night vision acuity

A new study has revealed a critical process that allows for correction of visual errors in low light conditions. Perception of light is facilitated by rhodopsin receptors in the eye, which detect small particles of light known as photons. Detection of these photons induces a chemical cascade that eventually translates these signals to the nervous […]