No More Eye Injections for Wet Macular Degeneration?

Genetech has formulated Lucentis’ active ingredient into a refillable eye implant that delivers the medication continuously into the eyes of wet macular degeneration patients. Known as the Port Delivery System, the implantable drug has shown promising results in the second phase of clinical studies. The Port Delivery System is slightly bigger than a grain of […]

The Avastin versus Lucentis Controversy Continues

Lucentis, a chemical cousin to Avastin, are both made by the Genentech. Although only Lucentis has been approved by the FDA for use against wet macular degeneration, Avastin may be just as effective and at only 2% of the cost. This has resulted in a political controversy dictated not only by Genentech trying to recover from its valid discovery of a useful treatment for AMD, but also by the heavy cost burden incurred by the United States government’s Medicare plan, private health care insurance companies, and farthest down the ladder, physicians themselves.

Off-Label Drug Offers Similar Results at Lower Price

It seems highly unlikely that one company would produce two drugs, at different prices, that treat the same ailment, and be in the middle of a medical industry dispute, but that’s exactly the case of Genentech Inc.