6 Vision Changes You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are many problems associated with the eyes that can be indicators of something far more serious, including cancer, that warrant making an appointment with your eye doctor. In many cases, a routine eye exam can diagnose a major issue with your vision at an early stage. Here are six changes to your eyes that […]

Eye exam saves a life!

A teenage boy’s trip to the ophthalmologist turned out to be a visit that ultimately saved his life. Seeking only a prescription for contact lenses, Nick Myers ended up in an ambulance for emergency treatment for leukemia. The eye doctor first observed that even with glasses, Nick’s best vision was only 20/25 in both eyes […]

Diabetic patients should have annual eye exam

An evaluation of recent research shows that basic eye exams by non-specialists are accurate at identifying early cases of diabetic retinopathy.

New device will aid in early detection of AMD

A new device, the AdaptDX, will allow doctors to detect the onset of macular degernation by measuring how fast the eyes adapt to darkness.