Ask The Eye Doctor Group on Facebook

If you haven’t joined Facebook yet, you’re missing out on my Ask The Eye Doctor group. (not to mention all the people from high school who you’ve long forgotten!) Let’s face it – we all have questions when we go to the doctor. But sometimes, we forget the ask them. Other times, we don’t really […]

The Importance of Inspired Musical Education

Are you concerned about the state of musical education in our country? If so, I must share with all of you a speech given last week by Wynton Marsalis. Marsalis, who has won a Pulitzer Prize in Music and several Grammy awards, delivered the Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy at The Kennedy […]

ArcticDx Discusses Their Genetic Test for AMD

Just three years after the discovery of some of the genetic causes of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a Canadian company is less than one year away of bringing to market a simple test of saliva that can be done at your doctor’s office. The results, which arrive a week later in a 15-page analysis, can […]

Another “Can’t Miss” story about Eye Health?

Newspapers are always looking for the next great story for excitement and to garner readership. Dutifully, people quote the article as fact for a month or two, until the next ?big thing? comes out. Unfortunately, the news writers don?t dissect the scientific literature the way we do for you. A case in point is a […]

Another Way To Avoid Brittle Bones

Eastern medicine gets a pat on the back for telling us all along that everything that occurs inside our bodies is intimately connected . It seems that Western Medicine is finally catching on. First we learned that Macular Degeneration of the eyes was much more likely in people with heart disease and high cholesterol, as […]

FDA Approves Study Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Whatever your religious beliefs or political positions, you can’t help but recognize it cannot be a coincidence that just three days into the new presidential administration, that the FDA just approved the first human trial of stem cell therapy. The Geron Corporation, based in Menlo Park, California, reported in their news release that the United […]

Be Careful of those Flying Champagne Corks

As this season’s football teams celebrated their respective division championships with champagne, with corks flying around the room painting each others’ faces with the pressurized spray, I was motivated to warn my readers about avoiding a potentially devastating eye injury. Just three months ago, I received a phone call from one of my office employees. […]

The Avastin versus Lucentis Controversy Continues

Lucentis, a chemical cousin to Avastin, are both made by the Genentech. Although only Lucentis has been approved by the FDA for use against wet macular degeneration, Avastin may be just as effective and at only 2% of the cost. This has resulted in a political controversy dictated not only by Genentech trying to recover from its valid discovery of a useful treatment for AMD, but also by the heavy cost burden incurred by the United States government’s Medicare plan, private health care insurance companies, and farthest down the ladder, physicians themselves.

Happy New Year! Our New Blog Has Arrived!

Welcome to the VisiVite Blog, featuring subjects about eye health and alternative treatments for macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome, in particular.

Off-Label Drug Offers Similar Results at Lower Price

It seems highly unlikely that one company would produce two drugs, at different prices, that treat the same ailment, and be in the middle of a medical industry dispute, but that’s exactly the case of Genentech Inc.