Why do doctors tend to continue practicing what they knew last year?

It comes as a shock to patients to learn that many doctors don’t keep up with the latest literature in their field. New studies come out in high quality, peer reviewed scientific journals. But physicians, as a lot, tend to be dubious of the results. And it often takes YEARS and several corroborative studies before the doctors feel comfortable enough to change their behavior.

NEI Concerned that AMD Patients not taking Eye Vitamins

The National Eye Institute’s Dr. Emily Chew wonders why, with the emotional and financial burden of worsening vision due to macular degeneration, that people are not treating their macular degeneration appropriately.

Abdominal Surgery Could Cause Vision Changes

Vitamin deficiencies are a side effect of gastric bypass surgery as well as other abdominal surgeries. A deficiency in Vitamin A may result in night blindness years after surgery.

Link Found Between St. John’s Wort Use and Cataracts

Many people suffering from depression turn to the herbal supplement, St. John’s wort, as a natural remedy. A new study, however, found a relationship between use of the herb and the development of cataracts.

Lutein Helps Protect Eyes against Computer Strain and Visual Fatigue

The carotenoid lutein can help protect the eyes from computer strain and fatigue.

Phytosterols May Prevent the Development of Cancer

New research shows that phytosterols may help to prevent the development of cancer.

One Person’s Inspiring Cure From Macular Degeneration

In 2005, a customer wrote us about his miraculous outcome using a VisiVite nutritional supplement for his macular degeneration.

U.S. Children Low in Vitamin D

Many U.S. children have insufficient levels of vitamin D, which raises their risk for some diseases

Ask The Eye Doctor Group on Facebook

If you haven’t joined Facebook yet, you’re missing out on my Ask The Eye Doctor group. (not to mention all the people from high school who you’ve long forgotten!) Let’s face it – we all have questions when we go to the doctor. But sometimes, we forget the ask them. Other times, we don’t really […]