Who gets more eye disease – Women or Men?

While men and women have many health differences, one difference that is probably not widely known is that women are more susceptible to eye disease and other eye conditions than men.

How can you reduce your risk of developing glaucoma?

People who are at the highest risk of developing glaucoma may benefit from early treatment of ocular hypertension.

Cyclosporine is effective in treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

For people suffering from severe forms of dry eye, relief may be found in the form of cyclosporine.

Exotic fruit offers relief to those suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome

Scientists are encouraged by results of clinical trials using eye drops made from tamarind fruit to relieve Dry Eye syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome Poses Risk to Students’ Vision

Children today are growing up as a computer generation. Along with the benefits of being computer savvy, come risks of too much time in front of a monitor. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is caused by stress put upon the eyes by working with a computer screen.

Phytosterols May Prevent the Development of Cancer

New research shows that phytosterols may help to prevent the development of cancer.

Ask The Eye Doctor Group on Facebook

If you haven’t joined Facebook yet, you’re missing out on my Ask The Eye Doctor group. (not to mention all the people from high school who you’ve long forgotten!) Let’s face it – we all have questions when we go to the doctor. But sometimes, we forget the ask them. Other times, we don’t really […]