Computer-Assisted Vision Device Reads Newspapers, Menus, Street Signs!


Israel-based company OrCam has developed a camera-based system that allows the visually impaired person to “read” and move about more freely and easily. Until now, reading aids for the visually impaired have been bulky with limited capabilities. The OrCam device is similar to Google Glass in its design but with advanced technology which includes the […]

IL-18 component offers hope for Macular Degeneration


The online journal, Science of Translational Medicine, details the breakthrough discovery of a component of the immune system known as IL-18 that may hold the key to treating macular degeneration. Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin discovered that IL-18 acts as a “guardian of eyesight” by suppressing the production of damaging blood vessels behind the […]

Infrared vision could be possible in the near future


Working with graphene, which is the world’s strongest material, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed the first infrared light detector that is thin enough to be incorporated into contact lenses. Since graphene is only able to absorb about 2.3 percent of the light that hits it and it is unable to capture enough […]

Keep your eye on the ball: New app helps baseball players see farther


University of California neuroscientist, Aaron Seitz, has created an app that conditions users to see farther whether they are on or off a baseball diamond. Working with 19 players from the baseball team at the University of California, Riverside, the UltimEyes app lengthened the distance at which the players could see clearly by an average […]

Diagnosing retinitis pigmentosa just became easier


A team of researchers have discovered a key marker in blood and urine that identifies people who carry the DHDDS genetic mutation that is one of the genetic causes of retinitis pigmentosa. This breakthrough discovery means it will be much easier to test children for the disease which affects almost 1 in 4,000 people in […]

New treatment on the horizon for wet AMD


A new therapy that is being developed by researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine is an invitreal injection that inhibits the class of proteins known as MDM2. Researchers are hopeful that this new therapy will provide a more effective alternative to anti-VEGF therapies that are presently the best available treatment for […]

Restored vision in mice offers hope for the blind


Researchers have published results of a recent study in Nature Biotechnology announcing the successful restoration of vision to mice using retinal stem cells. The stem cells were taken from mice embryos and after being cultured in a lab dish, they were injected into the retinas of mice. The loss of photoreceptor cells is the culprit […]

Space-age technology may help diagnose AMD at an earlier stage


Researchers at Cardiff University and the United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre have developed a technology that uses extremely sensitive cameras, which are designed for deep-space telescopes to evaluate whether the retina is working properly. This revolutionary technology allows the researchers to see in image form what is occurring in the retina at a functional level. […]

Eylea injections effective when other treatments for wet AMD have failed


A recent study conducted at the University of Iowa revealed that macular degeneration patients benefited from bimonthly injections of Eylea when monthly injections of Avastin or Lucentis failed. The injections are used for patients dealing with the wet form of macular degneration. Thirty-one patients in the study saw a reduction in fluid within their eyes […]

Treating wet macular degeneration with shark eye drops?


Clinical trials are currently underway to evaluate eye drops made from squalamine which was derived from the liver of spiny dogfish. Researchers from OHR Pharmaceuticals believe that squalamine may hold the key to treating and preventing wet age-related macular degeneration. Squalamine is believed to be the component that helps the shark to fight off bacterial […]