Implantable contact lenses offer alternative to LASIK


For those nearsighted people out there who don’t qualify for LASIK surgery, implantable contact lenses may be just what the doctor orders. The 15-minute outpatient procedure is much less invasive than LASIK and only involves three tiny incisions in the cornea. The lens (known as Visian Implantable Colamer Lens) also offers UV protection, and unlike […]

Are Lasik Surgeons a ‘Dime a Dozen’ ?

Lasik in nearsighted woman, performed by Dr. Paul Krawitz

With Lasik, surgeons have commoditized themselves to such a degree that patients don’t even remember our names.

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Lasik and Laser Refractive Surgery – What You Need to Know

In Lasik, a flap is created and the laser reshaping is then performed below the flap.

It is not necessarily true that the highest volume Lasik surgeons have the best results. In fact, in many of these practices, there is a lack of contact with the surgeon both before and after the procedure. Measurements are often performed by ancillary staff, and the post-operative care often does not involve a physician. Because laser vision correction is largely an automated procedure, I recommend that you seek the care of a physician who is actively involved in the pre and post-operative care.