Are computer eyeglass coatings worth the money?

People in their 50’s and older often require a separate computer eyeglass prescription. The popular trending item these days is computer glasses that are touted to filter out blue light from computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. Overexposure to blue light is blamed for any myriad of health problems according to ads for the glasses. […]

Cardio drug helpful in treating surfer’s eye

Researchers from Ariel University in Israel recently examined the affect the commonly prescribed cardiovascular drug, dipryidamole, had on┬átreating pterygium, otherwise known as surfer’s eye. Surfer’s eye is┬ácaused by a benign growth of the conjunctiva over the white of the eye. The condition is commonly found in surfers (hence, the name) but is more prevalent in […]

Vitiligo patients at higher risk of Dry Eye

A small study revealed that vitiligo patients are at a higher risk of developing dry eye syndrome. This study echoes previous studies which found a higher prevalence of ocular issues among vitiligo patients. This most recent study involved 61 vitiligo patients and 57 control individuals. Several vision tests were conducted including the Schirmer test. The […]

Natural eye protein “clusterin” may hold key to treating dry eye

For millions of patients suffering from dry eye symptoms, relief may be found in a natural tear protein. New research brings to light a possible new therapy in treating dry eye syndrome symptoms. Clusterin is a protein that occurs naturally in tears and acts to protect cells and proteins. Researchers theorized that clusterin is depleted […]

Anxiety and Depression may be tied to dry eye disease

Researchers examined records of 460, 611 patients in a retrospective case-control study to determine the odds ratios for dry eye disease and anxiety and depression. There were 7,207 patients with dry eye syndrome while 20,004 had anxiety and 30,100 had depression. Researchers then adjusted the odds ratio between dry eye and anxiety and that came […]

VisiVite’s Dry Eye Relief praised during ASCRS meeting

VisiVite’s Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 is one of only four dry eye vitamins that are made using the preferred triglyceride form of omega 3 fatty acids, reported Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, in a presentation at the annual American Society of Cataract and Refractive Specialists meeting in San Diego. Dr. Donnenfeld noted that study results showed that […]

Chronic pain syndrome linked to higher incidence of Dry Eye Syndrome

The British Journal of Ophthalmology online published a recent study that was conducted in the United Kingdom. The study shed light on the prevalence of the disease in women in the UK. Study findings revealed that 1 in 10 women in the United Kingdom suffer from Dry Eye. A questionnaire was given to 3824 female […]

Don’t let winter put the big chill on your eyes

The extreme cold of this winter can have deleterious effects on your health, and that could even include your eyes. The combination of dry indoor heat and cold, dry outdoor air leaves your eyes vulnerable to becoming dry and the incidence of dry-eye syndrome is more common during the winter months. Low humidty factors into […]

Women with high cholesterol face higher risk of dry eye syndrome

A recent study reveals that women who have high cholesterol have a higher risk of developing dry eye syndrome than those with normal cholesterol levels. Men with high cholesterol were also at risk but the rate was higher among women. Researchers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, South Korea analyzed health and nutrition data of […]

Postmenopausal women more prone to dry eye symptoms

Recent study results revealed that a substantial number of postmenopausal women suffer from dry eye related to the dysfunction of the meibomian gland. The study evaluated 939 postmenopausal women having an average age of 65 years for dry eye utilizing the Schirmer’s test, meibomian gland status and symptoms. The dry eye classifications fell into one […]