Guess who’s more at risk for recurrent wet macular degeneration?

A retrospective cohort study which reviewed 343 Asian eyes with subfoveal neovascular AMD, which was treated with three monthly anti-VEGF injections of ranibizumab found a link between age and gender and the likelihood of recurrence of the condition. Older men were the patients who required re-treatement within twelve months of their initial treatment. At the […]


Autoimmune uveitis may be triggered by bacteria in the gut

A recent study conducted by the National Eye Institute revealed a link between bacteria in the gut contributing the development of autoimmune uveitis, which is an inflammatory eye disorder. Autoimmune uveitis develops when a person’s immune system goes haywire and attacks the proteins in the eye. The mice used in the study were genetically engineered […]


Basketball is the sport that tops the list for most eye injuries

September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness month and statistics provided by the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission show that basketball tops the list for being the cause of the most eye injuries. The top five on the list are basketball, water/pool activities, guns (air, gas, spring and BB), baseball/softball and football. The National Eye Institute reports […]


The Results Are In – Do Patients with Eye Concerns favor Universal Health Care?

We sent an email survey to our subscribers about their health insurance, and the answers were surprising. Not unusual for a group of people who are concerned about their vision, over 60% were insured by Medicare. And while 38% had other insurance, approximately 1 in every 70 people had no health insurance whatsoever, despite the mandates of […]


Avastin and Lucentis both pose same risk of infection with eye injections for macular degeneration

Doctors who were quick to come the defense of using the much more costly Lucentis to treat macular degeneration rather than its cheaper counterpart Avastin tried to argue that Lucentis had a lower risk of infection. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found that argument is not true. In the study, more […]


New color blindness treatment

With the success of treating color blindness in monkeys, the next step for researchers is to conduct human clinical trials and this may come about as early as 2017. This new therapy is a single injection of an adeno-associated virus to get the desired gene therapy into the cone cells into the retina. This virus does […]


Moderate wine consumption may benefit vision health

If you enjoy a glass of wine, you should raise your glass to toast to your eye health. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have discovered that moderate intake of wine can lower the risk of vision loss. Researchers examined data from the Beaver Dam Eye Study which was conducted over a 20-year period and […]

lanosterol drops

Lanosterol drops: A possible cataract treatment?

The current treatment for cataract is either invasive surgery or expensive laser therapy to remove them. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have discovered that lanosterol may provide a new and improved form of treatment for cataracts, which affect more than 24 million Americans. The journal Nature published the study details which involved […]


Why VisiVite uses Vitamin D2

Co-Defense is a multivitamin uniquely formulated for patients who take macular degeneration supplements based upon the National Eye Institute’s Age Related Eye Disease Study. Co-Defense removes Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc and Copper – nutrients that already exist in high amounts in VisiVite and other macular degeneration supplements. Compared with other multivitamins, Co-Defense contains twice […]


Why is FDA Pushing Selenium for Babies?

The FDA announced last month that selenium is now on the list of required nutrients for infant formula. Minimum and maximum levels of selenium have been established for infant formula as well. While selenium has been included in infant formulas manufactured in the U.S. since 1989, the new regulations require manufacturers marketing formula in the […]